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The "I See Dreamer" program is here to share with you all the big and small things!!

The program is exclusively produced and broadcast by Hon Hai Technology Group.

The program gathers the most important current technological information, and invites financial and technological experts to discuss together: Quantum Technology/Original Universe/AI/5G/8K/Big data/Blockchain/EV/AIoT/Distance Teaching...etc. Future trends on related issues.


From time to time, the content of the program will invite tech giants and start-up dream builders to talk about their entrepreneurial dream building experience in various fields


If you want to know more exciting content [I See Dreamer], please lock in! The content of the program is very exciting! Welcome to watch the exciting content "I See Dreamer" and click on YouTube:


▶️ I See Dreamer FB fan page


▶️ I See Dreamer Youtube Channel

▶️I See Dreamer Podcast on SoundOn, welcome to listen:……………

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